Kreativwirtschaft in Halle  

Creativity à la Halle: A Journey with Marco Polo to Silicon Valley

The creative industries in Halle have been writing a lot of success stories lately. Not only is Halle’s film and media industry being talked about for its Oscar nominations and international animated productions, the design, art, publishing, music, broadcasting and IT/new media industries are contributing to the diversity, innovation and growth of our city. Halle is the location for media and creativity in Saxony-Anhalt.

Here in Halle the working space for creative minds is just as diverse as the creative industries themselves. From the Central German Multimedia Centre (MMZ), with its state-of-the-art equipment, to co-working spaces and the Wächterhaus with its low rents, Halle can offer nearly every type of infrastructure imaginable. Here you will find information on commercial, office and retail properties.

Training is essential for creative minds. No matter whether it’s the latest social media trends, image processing programmes or business know-how, we can provide you with information about training opportunities for the creative industries. Students are getting hands-on training for careers in media, culture, computer science and IT at the universities in and around Halle. Find out more about getting an education for a creative career.

Networking is important for the creative industries. But who do you network with without getting yourself entangled? Here you will find the most important points of contact, institutions, associations and networks in your sector.

Good advice doesn’t need to be expensive. Most advice services for creative minds are even free of charge. Nevertheless it’s important that you take advantage of the right service. Find out more about different consultants here.

Whether it’s a matter of the occasional pre-financing of orders or a million-euro investment in state-of-the-art studio equipment – even creative minds can’t avoid the topics of financing and grants. There is a variety of offers depending on the need and application - from low-interest loans to non-repayable grants.

Find out more about the individual subsectors of the creative industries in Halle: 

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Halle. Wo Ideen Wirklichkeit werden… /
Where ideas become reality…

Broschüre, 24 Seiten, DIN A4 (Deutsch/English)
pdf-Datei, 3,9 MB
Fakten zum Wirtschaftsstandort Halle (Saale)
Broschüre, 30 Seiten, DIN A4 (Deutsch)
pdf-Datei, 3,1 MB
Facts about the Halle (Saale) Business Location
Brochure, 30 pages, DIN A4 (English)
pdf-file, 3,1 MB
Kreativwirtschaft, Brancheninformationen
Broschüre, 16 Seiten, DIN A4 (Deutsch)
pdf-Datei, 2,7 MB
Creative Industries, Sector Information
Brochure, 16 pages, DIN A4 (English)
pdf-file, 2,4 MB
Branchenblatt IT/Neue Medien
2 Seiten, DIN A4 (Deutsch)
pdf-Datei, 426 KB
Sector flyer IT/New Media
2 pages, DIN A4 (English)
pdf-file, 426 KB
Branchenblatt Film
2 Seiten, DIN A4 (Deutsch)
pdf-Datei, 602 KB
Sector flyer Film
2 pages, DINA 4 (English)
pdf-file, 602 KB
Branchenblatt Design
2 Seiten, DIN A4 (Deutsch)
pdf-Datei, 1,1 MB
Sector flyer Design
2 pages, DIN A4 (English)
pdf-file, 340 KB
Branchenblatt Rundfunk
2 Seiten, DIN A4 (Deutsch)
pdf-Datei, 553 KB
Sector flyer Broadcasting
2 pages, DINA 4 (English)
pdf-file, 549 KB
Branchenblatt Kunstwirtschaft
2 Seiten, DIN A4 (Deutsch)
pdf-Datei, 2,7 MB
Sector flyer The Arts
2 pages, DIN A4 (English)
pdf-file, 594 MB
Branchenblatt Druck- und Verlagswesen
2 Seiten, DIN A4 (Deutsch)
pdf-Datei, 999 KB
Sector flyer Printing and Publishing
2 pages, DINA 4 (English)
pdf-file, 995 KB
Branchenblatt Musikwirtschaft
2 Seiten, DIN A4 (Deutsch)
pdf-Datei, 1,3 MB
Sector flyer Music
2 pages, DIN A4 (English)
pdf-file, 713 KB
Alle Branchenblätter
14 Seiten, DIN A4 (Deutsch)
pdf-Datei, 4,5 MB
All Sector flyers
14 pages, DIN A4 (English)
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